Relentless and results-driven.

In divorce, the right lawyer makes all the difference.
So what makes us different?

Relentless advocacy.

Some divorces are easy. Most of them are not. Our clients have been forced to play a game with rules they do not understand, and the stakes could not be higher. Individuals walk into our firm every day who are fighting to keep their children safe. They are trying desperately to secure their financial futures and to protect their hard-earned assets. They may have been blindsided by an unjust Court Order and simply don’t know where to turn next. At Shaw Divorce & Family Law LLC, we will stand up and fight for you. We provide powerful advocacy on behalf of those who refuse to be powerless. We cannot be bullied, intimidated, or threatened into submission. When you know what is right, never back down and never surrender. That is a core principle of the firm, and it’s one we live each and every day.

Results-driven strategy.

It takes commanding legal knowledge to litigate effectively, but it also takes shrewd and agile thinking. Above all else, an attorney must be a masterful strategist. Our firm was founded on the idea that careful planning is critical to success. Long before you sit down at the negotiating table or set foot in the courtroom, we are evaluating the unique facts of your case, the relevant law, and all of the complicated relationships involved to chart a path to victory. As your case progresses, our team continuously refines that strategy in a manner designed to produce the best possible outcome at the earliest possible stage of litigation — for your children, your finances, or whatever in life matters to you the most. The firm’s processes and procedures allow us to work efficiently, conduct deep and insightful analysis, and consistently yield the right result. At Shaw Divorce & Family Law LLC, we stay ahead of the game.

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We have answers.

Consultations are completely free. You shouldn’t be charged while we get to know each other. During our first meeting, we’ll explore the facts, explain the law, and address the likely timeline, costs, and range of potential outcomes. When you walk out of this office, you will be armed with the legal and practical knowledge to make informed decisions related to your divorce.