Your guide through rough waters.

Fierce, focused litigation.

We are tireless advocates for our clients, and we will protect your rights with unyielding determination. While some are inclined to give up on winnable issues to avoid confrontation, we never back down and never surrender. In the Family Part of the Superior Court, the word “justice” can get lost. We’re here to help you find it. Whether in negotiations or litigation, we have the strength and trial-ready confidence needed to demand what is right.

Empowering clients.

We are committed to empowering our clients through both advocacy and education. Our divorce guide provides free in-depth explanations of New Jersey law with links to forms and additional resources. From filing through final judgment and beyond, we have it covered. Whether you’re just curious or struggling through a contentious divorce, you’ve come to the right place.

Results-driven strategy.

A complex divorce can be like a chess match. To prevail, you need to think several steps ahead. Our team litigates with the forethought and planning necessary for success. From day one, we are developing and refining our strategies and tactics in a manner designed to produce the best possible outcome at the earliest possible stage of the litigation.


We have answers.

Consultations are completely free. You shouldn’t be charged while we get to know each other. During our first meeting, we’ll explore the facts, explain the law, and address the likely timeline, costs, and range of potential outcomes. When you walk out of this office, you will be armed with the legal and practical knowledge to make informed decisions related to your divorce.