Today, significant updates to the Divorce Guide went live. I have updated the custody and child support sections to be far more comprehensive and to address some of the most common issues in divorce.


The child support section of the MNJD Guide now includes discussion of some key concepts related to child support, including: (1) choosing between a sole parenting worksheet and a shared parenting worksheet when calculating support under the Child Support Guidelines; (2) the definition of an “overnight” under the Guidelines; (3) setting child support where the parents share 50/50 physical custody; (4) setting child support when each parent has primary custody of one or more children, often known as a “split-parenting” situation; and (5) calculating child support for children who attend college.


The custody section now includes a much more substantial discussion of both joint legal custody and joint physical custody, including the steps of the Court’s inquiry when deciding whether to award either joint legal or joint physical custody. Further, the custody section of the MNJD Guide now includes discussion of the effect of primary physical custody on control over child support and major decisions related to the child (like religious upbringing and surgeries with which the secondary caretaker disagrees).

Check it out!