For anyone going through the divorce process, it is critical to understand what’s at stake and what it might cost to properly defend your rights and the rights of your children. Accordingly, the MNJD Guide has added a brand-new section titled: “How much does a divorce cost?” This new section explains the typical price of a divorce, how those costs are calculated, and the various methods to pay for a divorce.

Did you know that the Court can require your spouse to pay for your attorney (or require you to pay for your spouse’s attorney)? The new section of the MNJD Guide explores, with specific citations, the law governing advances of counsel fees and awards¬†of counsel fees in divorce proceedings and the public policy underlying those laws.

The new section of the MNJD Guide also addresses: (1) mandatory reimbursement of counsel fees spent collecting unpaid child support; (2) reimbursement of fees incurred to enforce Court Orders; and (3) whether spouses who represent themselves in Court can obtain awards of counsel fees.

If you are thinking about filing for divorce or in the middle of a divorce now, check it out!